The mission

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For all I read about health advice, diet advice, beauty advice etc… I was really surprised to learn something completely new about myself recently. The word microbiome has only recently entered my vocabulary, but it’s something I’ve been nurturing, we all have been nurturing our whole lives.

It started reading an article and snowballed into me reading several books on the subject and me wanting to interject my opinion and new found knowledge into most conversations that involved food, people’s mood or feeling, or their health – which is actually quite a lot of conversations. So I’ve decided to channel my new found enthusiasm into this blog.

In the last month alone I’ve learned hundreds of new facts – things I felt I should have known long ago, but didn’t. Things like

  • 70% of the immune system exists in the gut
  • 90% of the cells in the human body are microbial
  • We have a thriving ecosystem of good bacteria and bad bacteria fighting a constant battle within ourselves. (I kind of knew this – but didn’t know how to help the good guys)
  • So many conditions that we associate disease have a strong link to our gut and our diet. Conditions such as allergies and auto immune diseases have a direct relation to the health of our gut.

The research on this subject is all fairly new. Some of the probiotic research has gotten into mainstream psyche with probiotic products on supermarket shelves, but it’s unclear how they work and why.

This blog is dedicated to understanding the microbiome and what it means to us in our day to day health. What can we do to be better hosts to the good bugs and what are we doing to hurt them?


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